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On the first day of the rest of your life, dress to present the best version of yourself. Dress to feel like the man your fiancé deserves. Dress in absolute comfort, an immaculate fit, and modern, classic style that makes a statement.

The dress code for a groom’s suit is not only influenced by the time and location of the ceremony, but also the desire to complement the bride’s dress. Hence, we invest our time in getting to know you and your partner, and your shared dream for your monumental day. 

Our aim is to embed what we learn into the designs of the garment and reflect your character through personalised detailing.

Whether we craft you an evening tail for a white tie event, a bespoke tuxedo for a black tie soiree, or a lounge suit for a conventional wedding, our tailors will be present through the process of various fittings.

With our stylistic advice, we will guide you to ensemble your entire outfit with pocket squares, ties, shoes, cufflinks, boutonnieres and other accessories. 

No groom is complete without his best men, so we also design a cohesive look for the whole bridal party. 


Weddings Suits

The process



In an appointment at our Sydney atelier, we will discuss all the details of your event, and make recommendations of colours, styles, designs, and fabrics. We will also discuss the pricing and expected timeline. Advance planning is crucial, and we recommend speaking to us as early as possible.



Once you decide to proceed, you will be measured by our in-house fitter. We look at your body type and the way you carry yourself, including your walk and your resting stance, to determine how the suit will sit on you. This figure observation ensures our craftsmen will cut the garment specifically for you, so you feel comfortable and confident all day



Your garments will be ready for an initial fitting
after four to five weeks. When you come in for
your scheduled first fitting, we can determine if any minor alterations may be required. You will be contacted a week later for your final fitting, where you will slip your suit on and feel the luxury of a perfect fit.



After ensuring you are satisfied with the fit, we will professionally steam and press your garments. Your custom suit will then be ready for collection. Should you have any unexpected concerns, we will be available for after-care services.

Step into the studio

You’ll find 1mm Tailors in the heart of the Sydney CBD.