1mm black log


True luxury is a one-of-a-kind piece of bespoke tailoring.

The 1mm signature bespoke suit is a make of soft construction that balances structure and lightness, incorporating a refined cut. We use only premium natural materials, sourced and curated every season.

With classic tailoring techniques, 1mm’s in-house tailors draft body patterns from scratch, crafting the suit over at least 70 hours. You’ll be seen for two to three fittings during a period of eight to twelve weeks. Throughout the process, partially made garments are used to assess the fit and ensure accuracy.

Stitching is finalised once we are satisfied with the cut and fit. Your bespoke suit is then iron pressed and ready to be worn.



When creating a made-to-measure suit, we begin with getting to know you — your lifestyle, your personality, everything that makes you unique. From this we select the fabric and style that suits you best, and customise all aspects that make your piece distinct.

Garments are cut specifically for you from a pre-existing fitting block, using the finest fabrics from European mills such as Solbiati, Loro Piana, Dugdale Bros & Co, and more.

Our tailors undertake the measuring, fitting and alteration while working closely with our team of artisans overseas.

Final adjustments ensure a faultless design and perfect fit.

Please allow four to five weeks for creation of your made-to-measure suit.



Make an off-the-rack item your own, prolong the life of a beloved piece, or save a garment that doesn’t quite fit.

As with all our services, our tailors employ the best methods to perform quality alterations, ensuring we do not sacrifice any aspect of the garment.

Whether you require shortening sleeves from the shoulders or rotating them, we alter suits according to your body shape and size. We are committed to delivering a better fit for pieces you will wear again and again.

Tailored shirts

Intimately fitted to a man’s form, a well-tailored shirt is a crucial component of a gentleman’s wardrobe and can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and appearance.

We offer a variety of formal, smart casual and casual shirts. We work with you to customise every detail, including style, and personalised monograms. 

Once the pattern and fit are perfected to your body shape, you can easily refresh your collection at your leisure by ordering as many shirts as you require, expanding your wardrobe with different styles using the same measurements.

Each tailored shirt from 1mm is made from exclusive, finest cut length fabrics from Italy. 

Please allow three to four weeks for production. 



Step into the studio

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