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Men’s Suit Button Rules You Need To Know Now

  • Post published:28 February 2023

Sensible dressing techniques give an impressive look to your overall physique. Especially when a man wears a suit jacket, he must be aware of button rules. Knowing the way to button your suit, jacket, waistcoat, long coat, etc is no less than an art. 

Whether you are dressed up for a professional event or a casual party, there are always some button rules that you must know.

In this article, we will take into account some basic suit button rules and explain why men should be familiar with them. Let’s get started!       

Suit Button Rules: Why Do You Need To Know Them?

Generally, men do not pay attention to properly setting their suit buttons on top or bottom. Although, it really gives others an idea of what type of dressing sense you own. As a matter of fact, there are thousands of reasons why a man should know these rules. Let’s look into them:

  • It shows how well you take care of tiny details to grow your personality. If you do not button your suit properly, you will just give the impression to others that you do not often wear suits.
  • A suit with proper button settings provides you with an astonishing look and shows others a sophisticated side of your personality.
  • In the case of sitting on a couch or driving a car, opening buttons is essential to be more comfortable. As it prevents the button from popping.
  • The suits are designed in different ways. Some make you comfortable with open-button settings while some are good with close-button settings. Besides, the bottom button of your suit is always supposed to be opened.

Due to these reasons, men who wear suits must have basic how-know of suit button rules. Moreover, the sports jackets are also buttoned with the same rules but they fall in a casual variety, so there might be some relaxation. 

Men’s Suit Button Rules- A Detailed Guide

Do you button the top or bottom of a suit jacket? Let me tell you when wearing a suit, jacket or waistcoat, the golden rule is –  leave the bottom button unbuttoned. 

Did you ever think about where this tradition comes from?  In fact, this trend is set by Edward VII, legendary for his attention to men’s fashions, for two reasons. The first reason was that he was quite fat and the other reason was, he often unbuttoned at the bottom while riding the horse to be more comfortable.

This trend became popular and was typically followed by a large number of people in Britain, but not in the USA at that time. Now, If we talk about the current era, this trend of unbuttoning the button of a suit jacket has become a part of each culture all around the world.  

In spite of this general rule, there are many ways to button your suit whether it is a one-button suit, two-button suit, three-button suit, or a double-breasted suit jacket or waistcoat. Let’s discuss the basic suit button rules for each type of design.  

1. One Button Suits

One Button Suits

One-button suit exclusively has a single button. When the button on the suit is closed, it gives a classy look, but when it is opened, it may be more comfortable.  However, it depends on what you like the most. 

To deal with a single-button jacket, make sure to fasten the button when standing, and whenever you need to sit down or feel uncomfortable, open the button.   

2. Two Button Suits

 Two Button Suits

The two-button suit is a common type. This design includes two buttons on the jacket. When wearing a Two Button Suit, it’s customary to button the top suit button while leaving the bottom suit button unbuttoned. This will help the suit drape smoothly and flatter your body shape. The reason is designers cut these types of suits in a fashion that looks stylish when the bottom button is unbuttoned. 

Additionally, when you fasten the bottom button of your suit jacket, it can result in a tighter fit around your hips, causing the sides to bulge out slightly around your body. So while fastening top or bottom suit button, it’s important to keep in mind the overall fit and silhouette of the suit to ensure a polished and professional appearance. 

3. Three-Button Suits

3 buttons suit

Three-button suit is also a common type you often see men wearing. While wearing these types of suits, you have multiple options. But one rule always remains the same – always keep the bottom button open.

On three-button suit jackets, a general rule is applied which is “sometimes, always, never”. This means that sometimes when you feel good, open or close the first button, always fasten the second button and never button the bottom button. 

4. Double-Breasted Suit Jackets 

Double-Breasted Suit Jackets 

Double-breasted suit jackets exude a timeless and sophisticated appeal. However, wearing them incorrectly can easily detract from their stylish look. 

Here are some button rules to keep in mind when donning a double-breasted suit jacket. 

  • First, ensure that the jacket is the correct size and fit for your body. A jacket that is too loose or too tight can throw off the entire look of your outfit. 
  • It’s customary to leave the last button undone, as fastening it can restrict movement and cause the jacket to pull. 
  • When standing, keep the jacket buttoned to maintain a sharp and polished look.
  • However, when seated, it’s appropriate to unbutton the jacket to prevent it from bunching up and causing discomfort. 

Finally, make sure the lapels of the jacket lie flat and do not buckle or bow. This can be achieved by ensuring the jacket is fitted correctly and the buttons are fastened correctly.  

5. Waistcoats 


According to the renowned English designer and dressmaker of Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Hardy Amies, King Edward VII had a penchant for indulgent eating habits, which made him sufficiently overweight to leave the bottom button of his waistcoat unfastened. As a result, the trend of leaving the lower button of the waistcoat undone has become popular.

When buttoning a waistcoat, it’s important to keep in mind the number of buttons. A classic waistcoat typically has four to six buttons, and it’s customary to fasten all but the bottom button. This creates a flattering V-shape and allows for ease of movement.

To achieve a more formal appearance, it’s best to keep the waistcoat buttoned at all times. However, when attending a more casual event, it’s appropriate to unbutton the waistcoat.

When wearing a three-piece suit, the waistcoat should be buttoned while the jacket is unbuttoned. This creates a stylish and sophisticated look, showcasing the waistcoat as a statement piece. Finally, ensure that the buttons of the waistcoat are aligned with the buttons of the jacket. This creates a polished and coordinated appearance.  


Understanding the suit button rules is essential for achieving a polished and sophisticated appearance. Whether you’re donning a double-breasted jacket, waistcoat, or two-button suit, following the appropriate buttoning rules will elevate your style and enhance your overall look. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to make a fashion statement that exudes confidence and class.

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