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How Should A Suit Fit? Your Easy-To-Follow Visual Guide

  • Post published:6 March 2023

Knowing how a suit should fit is essential for any gentleman who wants to look sharp and polished. A well-fitted suit can make you look confident, professional, and put-together. However, many men struggle to find the perfect fit for their suits. 

In this easy-to-follow visual guide, from shoulder fitting and button stance to hem and cuff adjustments, we will explain how a suit should fit to help you achieve the perfect look.

So, whether you’re buying your first suit or looking to upgrade your wardrobe, read on to discover how to make a suit fit like a pro.

How To Get A Good Suit Fit? Smart Tips

How To Get A Good Suit Fit? Smart Tips

A good suit fit comes when your suit sits on each body part in a well-balanced fashion without wrinkles and rumples. It involves perfect custom adjustments of the shoulder, sleeves, and collar as well as pant alteration. Let’s get into the details!  

How To Get The Perfect Shoulder Fit

When looking for a perfect suit fit, you want to get a flat shoulder. One way is to look over the seam on your shoulder as it should look straight and end right at the joint of your shoulder and arm. However, if there are shoulder sag or shoulder bites, this means your suit is not a perfect fit.

Moreover, if the sleeve is too tight or too loose around the shoulder area, shoulder divots appear on the top of the sleeves and ruin your smart look. Likewise, improper fitting, heavy or low-quality fabrics, or poor construction can cause shoulder sag to significantly detract the comfort and look of a suit.

Fixes: The best way to get rid of shoulder sag and bite from your jacket is to try some different sizes according to your body measurements or you can visit a custom tailor who can fix the shoulder length. 

How To Get The Perfect Sleeves Length

The sleeve length varies from man to man as some are taller than others. However, the general rule for sleeve length to get fitted suits for men is – the half inch of the shirt cuff should be visible under the jacket sleeves. In other words, the sleeve length of your jacket should not cover your shirt cuff completely. Instead, the edge of the shirt cuff should always be visible but the seam above it should be covered. 

Another way to check whether your sleeve length is perfect or not is while standing straight, bend your hand in such a way that your palm faces the ground, and the edge of your jacket sleeve should be about ¼” above your hand. 

Fixes: If your suit sleeves are longer or shorter than the ideal length, visit any of the custom tailors as they can easily fix that.

How To Get The Perfect The Collar /Neck Fit

A perfect suit collar is when it sits properly around the collar of your shirt or the back of the neck. In fact, it should not create gaps or curves in between. The length of the collar also makes a big difference. In addition, it should comfortably fit around the front of your neck. 

If the collar is loose, the gap between the shirt and jacket collar can be clearly seen. On the other hand, a tight collar creates folds and wrinkles just beneath it on the back. You can clearly see it in the mirror. 

Collar roll is a common issue in suits caused by poor posture or high shoulders, leading to the collar not sitting smoothly on the neck. To prevent this, a well-fitted suit with an appropriately adjusted collar is essential for both appearance and comfort.

Fixes: You can get it tailored but the alteration of the collar is a complicated and time-consuming process. So before buying a suit, you must check the collar fitting by trying it once or twice.

How To Get The Perfect Jacket Length

An appropriate jacket length is essential to get a good men’s suit fit. A jacket’s length should not be above the waist and beneath the hips. Ideally, a jacket should be longer till the hip curve just begins, so that it just fits over the hips.

Another way to get a good length is by comparing it with your hands. All you have to do is relax your body and hands vertically with a natural stance and the hem of the jacket should fall right in the middle of your hand where the fingers just meet the palm.

However, if the hem of your jacket lies above your waist or below your hips, or if it does not fall in the middle of your hand, you have chosen the wrong length.

Fixes: The jackets come in ideal sizes. It is almost impossible to get it altered. However, get in touch with custom tailoring providers to find the right solution.

How To Get The Perfect Buttoning 

Knowing button rules is a crucial element to getting a good fit. If your buttons are not properly fastened, it might affect your appearance. 

From one-button suits and double-breasted jackets to multi-button suits and waistcoats, there is always one popular rule – leave the bottom button open.

However, if you wear jackets with multi-buttons, you can fasten one or two buttons of the jacket to look better but make sure to leave the bottom button open. 

If you see wrinkled lines on the front of your jacket while fastening the buttons, it may be too tight and need to adjust. 

Fixes: While buying a jacket, make sure you do not see strain lines radiating from the button. If it is so, do not buy it at any cost.

How To Get The Perfect Pant Waist And Seat

When it comes to buying pants, the waist plays an important role to get a good or bad fit. So, it becomes crucial to know how should suit pants fit. The waist of your pants should perfectly fit around your hips and waist. Moreover, you should have noticed that the waist of suit pants is slightly different from jeans. So be careful while buying new pants. 

Loose pants may create horizontal wrinkles just under the hips and if your pants are too tight, you can see U-shaped sags on the back of your thighs and strange ears of your pants from the pockets popping out. 

Fixes: If the pants are slightly loose from the back, the tailor can tight them easily but if they are too loose, it’s hard to fix them without pulling the pockets out of the place. So when buying new pants, make sure to get a perfect waist and seat.  

How To Get The Perfect Pant Breaks 

The pant break is actually a small wrinkle just above the cuff of your pants. A small break gives you a good fit. On the other hand, a too-large break looks weird. In addition, make sure that the pant cuff should be above the heel of your shoe.

Generally, dress pants come unhemmed and you need to alter them according to your required length.

Fixes: To fix pant breaks in men’s suits, one solution is to have the pants hemmed to the appropriate length. This ensures that the pants sit cleanly on the shoe, with no excess fabric bunching up or creating unwanted breaks. Additionally, choosing a pant style with a tapered or slim fit can help to minimize breaks and create a sleeker overall look.  


Finding the perfect fitting suit is an art form that requires attention to detail, a discerning eye, and an understanding of personal style. From the jacket to the trousers, every aspect of the suit should fit comfortably and elegantly on the wearer’s body. While there are general guidelines for fit, ultimately, it’s about finding a suit that flatters the individual’s unique shape and personality. With the right fit, a well-tailored suit has the power to boost confidence, elevate style, and make a lasting impression.

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