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Do You Know How To Pick The Best Suit Colour For You?

  • Post published:10 March 2023

Choosing the right suit colour for yourself is more than just picking out your favorite hue. There are many factors to consider, like wardrobe trends, personal style, and skin tone. If this sounds complicated or intimidating, you don’t need to worry. In this post, we will discuss how to properly choose what colour suits should a man have that will flatter him most, as well as advice on which shades tend to be popular among professional designers.

1. Understanding The Basics Of Colors

Choosing the right suit colour can make a tremendous difference in your professional and personal appearance, so it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of colors that best suit you. Your skin tone and hair color play major factors in determining what will be most complementary.

Understanding The Basics Of Colors

For example, the most popular suit colors like navy blue or charcoal gray look best on people with tangible undertones. While those with a fair complexion often match well with shades of navy blue or burgundy. Besides, cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples look great on people with very light skin tones or warmer blonde hair colors.

Though there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to matching colors to your skin tone and facial features, remembering the basics can help narrow down your options and ensure you pick the perfect suit color for every occasion.

2. Breaking Down The Different Suit Colour Options 

Selecting what colour suits should a man have in his wardrobe can be a daunting task, due to the variety of options out there. Each shade has different characteristics, and as such, varies in formality and dressing situation. 

Breaking Down The Different Suit Colour Options 

When choosing your suit color, consider warm tones like olive, navy, and brown which are great for professional atmospheres. The more vibrant colors of fuchsia, turquoise, or purple will add character to your look by making it more attention-grabbing. 

Alternatively, lighter tones such as beige or gray are the ideal subtle shades if you wish to remain understated yet distinctive at the same time. Black is always a timeless color fit for any occasion, from formal affairs to semi-casual outings.

3. Consider The Occasion

Finding what colour suits should a man have for any situation starts with considering where you’re wearing it. Whether it’s a boardroom, a wedding ceremony, or an evening out with friends, the color of your suit should be chosen based on the atmosphere that you want to create.

Consider The Occasion

 If you are attending a professional office-style event in corporate attire, a classic dark navy blue or gray is typically preferred. For more formal occasions such as weddings or religious ceremonies, colors like powder blue or black are appropriate. 

For more casual social gatherings like parties or date nights, shades of beige or light brown can contribute to an elegant yet relaxed appearance.

Always remember that knowing how to pick the best suit colour for your occasion is key to making sure your look can be tailored perfectly for any kind of event.

4.  Keep It Simple

When it comes to picking a suit color that complements your overall look, the best approach is to keep it simple. A single, standout color is all you need to make an impact. When choosing a piece in one color, consider how it will interact with the rest of your items. 

Keep It Simple

Think about shades and tones, and decide if you’d like them to create a muted or vibrant effect. Take into account your complexion, too. Cool tones tend to look better on fairer skin while warmer ones can be worn by those with darker complexions. 

Remember also that too many colors can easily cross into the garish territory. So pick just one statement color and let the rest blend in.

5. Choosing The Right Ties And Shirts To Match Your Suit 

When it comes to choosing the perfect pieces to match your suit, always consider what colour shirt to wear with the suit. You should match the color of the tie and shirt to the color of your suit. For instance, a black or navy suit generally looks best with a neutral tie and crisp white shirt. 

Choosing The Right Ties And Shirts To Match Your Suit

Also, pay attention to patterns and options for plain ties or shirts when wearing checkered suits for a classic look. Always pick fabrics that will work with the season. Avoid heavy materials in summer and focus on lightweight items like linen and cotton when possible. 

Moreover, try to test out different colors and combinations, from subtle, muted colors to bolder shades. Take into consideration lighting with the natural light in the room or bright overhead lights at night.

6. Add Accessories To Bring Out Your Look

Complementing your favorite suit color with the right accessories is essential in bringing out the best look. To start, you can add a subtle and stylish timepiece, such as those with a black leather strap that coordinates well with darker suit colors like navy and charcoal.

Add Accessories To Bring Out Your Look

Furthermore, if you are wearing a light-colored suit, choose bright or patterned pocket squares to pair for maximum contrast and effect. Furthermore, accessorize with cufflinks to complete the look, whether they come as an eye-catching design or with a more subtle hue. 

Altogether these small details can help bring out your style and make you look polished from top to bottom.


Picking the best colour suits a man should have is all about understanding your skin tone and hair color, as well as considering both your wardrobe items and formality. You should look at contrasting or complementary colors to create an interesting look. While also choosing a color that matches your personality. Ultimately, experimentation is the best way to find out which colors suit you and make your fashion statement. Also, don’t forget to accessorize to bring everything together. With these tips as a guide, now you can choose the perfect suit color that brings out the very best you.

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